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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Providence Fred Astaire Dance Studio

I was just going through some old photogaphs when I stumbled across some photos are our last visit to the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Providence, and next to them I had some recent photos of Dushor Dance studio in Maryland, and then noticed that they have something in common.

When I was in Junior High School, I use to take the city bus downtown into Providence for dance lessons at the local Fred Ataire Studio. I had a part time job at the East Side Checker Club, busing tables. The Checker Club payed me under the table at $3 an hour. I earned enough money there to take lessons downtown at the old studio with Anne Delmar, the owner.

In 2008, Roxi and I went back to visit Ms. Delmar and her longtime partner Earnest. their studio is one of the longest operating Fred Astaire Dance Studios in the country. Roxi and I are pictured here with Ms. Delmar. The studio no longer hosts social dance parties, but this couple continues to teach well into their semi-retired years. The studio is still an active, beutiful location overlooking the marquee of the Loews Theater, located just across the street.


Inside of Lobby of this studio there is an old lite box style sign that says "Dancing is Fun"
Here we are in the lobby of th Providence Fred Astaire Studio

 This very same sign hangs in the stairwell of Dushor Dance Studio in Maryland, pictured here:

The old Providence Fred Astaire Dance studio is lcoated on the 2nd floor of this building 205 Weboysett Street in Providence, RI

The Loews Grand Theater is located just across the street,
rebranded as the Providence Performing Arts Center.

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