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Monday, September 26, 2011

Packing List for Ballroom Dance Competition

Preparing for Ballroom Dance Competition

Here's a helpful list of information to use when preparing for a ballroom dance event.

- MARK LIKE ITEMS: Programs, shoe bags, and jackets all look alike, please mark your name on items left in common areas.
- Gentlemen do not wear wrist watches during comp
- NO GUM CHEWING during the event.
- NO Private video taping in the ballroom
- Please set your cell phones to silent in the ballroom

Talk to your instructor about sign up for professional video services. This is optional, and sometimes not recommended for your first event.

Bring them! Take pictures!

Here are a few reminders for what to bring, this is not an all inclusive list, but just to name a few:


********************* GENTLEMEN ********************
Remember your dance shoes!!!!
WRIST WATCHES are not worn during comp.
Please remember Black Socks !!!!!!
Yellow Highlighter for your program
Black sharpie
Extra pair black shoe laces
Cuff links & studs (if needed)
Small index card & pen (to make a pocket sized heat list)
Optional: a Full Back Black Vest
Black or White dress shirt
Black or white tie
Black pants
Rhythm/Latin Shirt (if needed)
Optional: Jacket for evening dinner session
Sewing kit with pre-threaded needle
Safety pins (small)
Small tube (super glue)
- If you are dancing with a belt, make sure the belt is solid balck.

Men's tip: bring a black pair or (street) dress shoes if you have them, to transit the hotel when your not dancing.

***************** DANCE WITH EMPTY POCKETS****************
It's helpful to bring your jacket to the comp, and use the jacket pockets for storage while you're on the floor. It is NOT recommended to wear and "off the rack" tuxedo jacket during dance competition. Professionally made jackets or "off the rack" full back black vests are recommended for ballroom/smooth/standard divisions.

************************ LADY COMPETITORS ****************
Before you start packing, make an appointment with a stylist for hair and make-up.
Sewing Kit (pre-threaded needle matching your dress color)
Highlighter for program
Stitch remover
Super glue
Shoes: ballroom and latin, spare pairs if you have them
all costumes, remember to include underwear required.

stockings and spares

Warm up clothing: a  robe, to stay warm in the ballroom

Dressy clothing for Evening dinner session
all jewellery and hair pieces
Jewlery should not be vaulable, in the event it is lost while dancing.

hair brush, comb, hair spray, mousse, glue, gel

spare nails, spare eyelashes, glue
If you are booked with a stylist for hair and make-up, they typically provide your make-up and eyelashes, it is best to verify this before deleting these items from your packing list.

first aid kit: gel plaster kit, knee supports, paracetamol,bandaids, blister pads

Tickets any other paperwork
 make up remover

slippers - they are great when then shoes start to hurt!

Steamer if needed ( for your gowns)

water bottles and snacks

Optional: Fishnets

Hairdryer: Most hotels have a hairdryer in the room, sometimes the hotel hairdrayer is less than ideal. Always verify that the hotel has both iron and ironing board.

Bobby pins
Hair net (if needed)
Makeup remover

If you have any questions about hotel amenities, please call them directly, prior to the event

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