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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tired of people saying that they are "too old"

You know, I am tired of people saying that they are "too old". A dance career can last for a hundred years. Just look at Doris Eaton, she lived to be 106 years old, and her years active in dance spanned from 1910-2010. I've read that she was the last surviving Zeigfeld Girl.

In all, from 1907 to 1931, Forenz Zeigfeld picked about 3,000 girls to perform as Zeigfeld Girls. In May of 2010, the last Ziegfeld Girl died, Doris was 106. 

I took this photo in 2012, in the lobby of the Palace Theater. I went there to see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, with Donna  Hamza ( of Donna Inc. ), and David Parry. Visiting the Palace was an item on my bucket list, and little did I know that the theater lobby would contain historic momentous of Doris Eaton.

 Ziegfeld Girls wore lavish costumes , they would dance across grand Broadway stages in pageants known as the Ziegfeld Follies. In the 1960's, a movie theater was built in NYC, that pays tribute to the original theater that once held the name. The lobby is filled with memorabilia of the Zeigfeld Follies, including an original Zeigfeld girl costume 

The lobby contains a booklet with Doris Eaton, similar to the image in this photo:
Her  NY Times obituary said " Mrs. Travis may have been the youngest Ziegfeld Girl ever, having lied about her age to begin dancing at 14. She was part of a celebrated family of American stage performers known as “the seven little Eatons.” George Gershwin played on her family’s piano, and Charles Lindbergh dropped by for “tea,” Prohibition cocktails" 

After her career as a Zeigfeld girl, she worked as a dance instructor for Arthur Murray.

And then danced well into her later years, and reached age 106!

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