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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Seb's LaLaLand Takeover in DC

Last night we had an overwhelming turn out for the LaLaLand Blu Ray/DVD release party. The event was sponsored by by Allied Washington D.C.,and  Lionsgate  with Lillian Skye Noble and Rachel Wu hosting, in a fabulous Hollywood style.

Mr. Henry's was transformed into the jazz club featured in the film. The event organizers brought in the sign from Seb's, that was featured in the film .

Down to the small details, the atmosphere was re-created. Including coasters and swivel sticks.

The line went out the door and around the block, the event was a wall-to-wall success.

Herb Scott and Aaron Meyers provided the music, as a special edition of the Capitol Hill jazz jam. 

The event was a part of marketing for La La Land’s home video release, five cities featured a Seb’s style makeover on Tuesday, April 25. Which coincidently, was also Ella Fitzgerald's 100th birthday!  La La Land is a brilliant film, that all of my dance friends have seen. When we went to see it the first time, we were all dancing and clapping in the theater, while the film was in progress.

In the film, Ryan Gosling wanted to open a jazz club. The same dream is shared by our jazz performers at the Capitol Hill jazz jam. Herb Scott and Aaron Meyers talk about it frequently.

Mr. Henry's is a hotspot for jazz musicians, we have such a rich history, and many parallels to the artistry in the movie LaLaLand. It's no wonder that the space was chosen to feature the magic from the film.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

La La Land Takeover at Mr. Henry's 

Our movie promotion friends from Lionsgate brought the Neon Sebs sign in for tonight's La La Land Blu Ray/DVD release party. We're expecting to see several items from the film & some spectacular performances this evening.