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Thursday, March 21, 2013

American Smooth dresses, and Irene Lentz

It's so amazing to me how these old Hollywood movie dresses appear similar to current smooth gowns on the competitive dance floor.

I was just watching an old dance clip of Ann Miller from MGM's Easter Parade. The dress was designed by Irene Lentz-Gibbons (more commonly known as an "Irene") dress, it's the type of dress that Debbie Reynolds was trying to save for her ill fated Hollywood dress museum.... Kinda makes me think that 60 years from now, collectors will be putting Dore and Jordy  dresses in a museum.

This is the same dress???... 60 years later!!!! It is in amazing condition....

Here we have another incredible vintage designer dress, one from a private collector. By famous Hollywood costume designer IRENE LENTZ, this dress is probably from the late 40s, it Looks very much like an American smooth dress.

Another famou Itene dress, is the gold dress worn by Ginger Rogers in the Barkleys of Broadway in 1949. Here's how the dress looks today:

Back in 1949, worn by Ginger