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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bar Sixty Five, the Rainbow Room

Recently I visited Bar Sixty Five, located adjacent to the Rainbow Room, in NYC. It's been a goal of mine, to visit the Rainbow Room, for many years. The room was closed on the night that we visited, but the bar is open next-door. The view from bar Bar Sixty Five is incredible. The host was kind enough to offer a short tour of the rainbow room, even though it was closed,before seating for the dinner reservation. It was rather spectacular, seeing it, completely empty and all a glow. 

I am hoping to return soon, for dinner and dancing.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Stolen Magic 8 Ball 🎱

On Thursday night, a young couple, on a date, stole the house Magic 8 Ball. 🎱 Mr. Henry's is well known for having a Magic 8 Ball, and it's been stolen before. I chased a couple down the Pennsylvania Avenue, but they got away. Just before closing, they quietly returned it, leaving it by the sidewalk.  I wonder what prompted them to bring it back.