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Sunday, May 25, 2014

People's Choice Dancesport 2014

In May we attended People's Choice Dancesport.

The event is hosted by celebrity dance champion, Forrest Vance, at the Westin Kierland Spa in Scottsdale AZ.

The hotel is famous for it's many swimming pools and luxurious accommodations.

The Kierland's Ballroom was decorated on shades of yellow, and filled with yellow  dessert roses and white Lillie's.

The Event has a unique concept of offering the only Peoples Choice Award in Danceport. The award is a medallion that is given to the Dancer by popular vote of their peers in attendance.

Last year the award was won by Charlene Proctor & Blake Kish. The event was more hotly contested last year, when their partnership was in close competition with Lauren LaPointe and Louis Bar, for Victory in the Dancer Cup Tour.

We attended the event with Sophia D'Angelo, Michael Albarelli & Judith Albarelli.

Between dance sessions we all got to enjoy a round on the Kierland's lazy river.
On the Rhythm Day, Judith Albarelli made the final in the ladies C rhythm scholarship! 

Fun in the balloom was constantly paired with fun at the swimming pool. The  hotel also offers a waterslide and wave rider surfing pool.

We had fun both at the pool and on the dance floor.

People's Choice offered over 3 days of dancing, including a Country Western Day.

The event is part of the Dancer's Cup Tour, we had a great time dancing and enjoying the company of our many DCT friends, including Scott Anderson and his lovely ladies from Twin Cities.

We were also joined by Ilya Reysin an Holly Squires. 
 The event was enjoyed by all and we hope to return next year.

Wisconsin State Dancesport Championships 2014

In April, Sophia & I returned to Pfister Hotel for the 2014 Wisconsin State Dancepsport Championships. We had the pleasure of returning this year with Marcy Garson.

The event is held annually in one of the most elegant hotels in the dance circuit,
rivaled only by the Roosevelt Hotel in NYC. Part of the fun at WSDC is the opportunity to explore the hotel's many secrets.

This year we discovered the bust of Guido Pfister, who quietly watches over guests in the hotel lobby bar. 

When attending WSDC, it's possible to reserve rooms in the historic part of the hotel, with easy access to hotel ballroom.

The historic part of the hotel has many of it's original features. This year I found a original room service sign on my hotel room door.
Original room keys on the mezzanine level.
Sophia & I enjoyed two wonderful days of dancing. During the WSDC closing ceremony, she received her first ever Top Gun Award!

On Saturday we enjoyed brunch downtown with our fellow dance friend, Anna Boyd. 

Between dance sessions I had several opportunities to explore historic Milwaukee, including a visit to the old Grand Theater, formerly the Warner Theater. The building is haunted with magic of a bygone era.
The Waner in the past vs. today.

Although it looks very different today, a closer look reveals timeless similarities.
Inside the abandoned lobby

After exploring the Old Warner Theater, Sophia and I also had the opportunity to visit and Oddities Shop called Hoarders World.

The store is located just a few blocks from the Phister Hotel, and has become famous Milwaukee tourist site, often featured on blogs and television for its array of unusual objects and collectables. Everything is the store is up for sale, including:

Golden Santas
Artificial limbs
The store can easily be mistaken for a creepy haunted house. They also offer paintball rounds in the buding's basement.

We had a lot of fun exploring Mwaukee this year, it was a happy event. Before heading home, Sophia and Marcy took time for posing in their Cheese Hats, which has become and annual tradition at WSDC.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

American Star Ball 2014

2014 American Star Ball

Hosted by Ilya & Amanda Reysin

This spring we returned to Atlantic City for the American Star Ball. The event was held at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino. 

Attending this year:

Anna Kabul
Judith Albarelli
Michael Albarelli
Tarang Mehta
Dana Coppola
William Hoffman 
Rebecca Gentry

This was our first year attned in the American Star Ball. We had two special guests dancing with is this year, which made the event even more special.

First and foremost, the beautiful Holly Squires was on loan to our team this weekend, as her teaher/partner, Ilya Reysin, served as host to the event. It was an honor to dance with Holly and she delighted our team with her company.

Also in attendance , was our newest member of the gang, Mr. William Hoffman, who was dancing his first ever NDCA event in the Gentelmans "A" division. William is a student at GWU and also serves as team captain of the GW ballroom team. His participation was sponsored by Michael & Judith Albarelli.
Between dance heats we took time to take photos by the Dance Benefits Booth.
Michael Albarelli made the Dancesport Series Top 20 Line Up.

The evening session and awards ceremony featured a star studded Rat Pack Tribute Show.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Inspiring Quote by Ginger Rogers

Rhythm is born in all of us. To be a desirable dancing partner you don't have to do all the intricate fancy steps that happen to be in vogue. All you have to do is be a good average dancer and anybody who spends the time and effort can accomplish this. 

    - Ginger Rogers