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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kim Greenburg visits the Biltmore

It is now an annual tradition for my family to visit the Providence Biltmore for Thanksgiving weekend each year. We love to explore the hotel which was built in 1922. My grandparents had their senior prom in this hotel, and they also had their wedding reception there.

The Hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
This year, during our stay, were visited by a family friend, Kim Elizabeth Greenberg. Her Mother worked in the hotel in 1958, as a Golliwog Girl.
Kim dances in the RI State Ballet with my aunt Karen and my cousin Lindsay. She Recently auditioned for the show America's Got Talent, and wore the actual costume that her mother entertained with during the 1950's!
When Kim came to visit us at the Providence Biltmore, she wore the actual costume that her mother wore at the hotel. The costume is in amazing condition and fits her perfectly.

I have no idea what type of routine Kim did when she auditioned but I'm wishing her the best of luck and I have my fingers crossed that she will get on the show.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Las Vegas Holiday Dance Classic

Hosted by Mary Murphy Sam Sadano and Wendy Johnson, at the Tropicana in Las Vegas.
On our first night in Las Vegas, Sophia and I watched the movie Meet Me in Las Vegas, starting Cyd Charisse.
Dance competition went well, this was
her third year attending.

Sophia placed first in the  best of the best bronze nine dance .  Awards were presented by Michael Chatman, organizer  of Mellennium dancesport and co-organizer Hollywood Dancesport .

To celebrate Sophia's win in the best of the best we had dinner with the beautiful
Natasha Issacs and her partner, Gregory day. Natasha was the winner of the silver best of the best nine dance and her division. During this year's holiday classic we are also introduced to the newest member of Chicago dance team, Diana Lasicka

On Friday we went to see Absinthe, the ultimate Vegas Variety Show .
It was such an unusual experience that I was literally left speechless. Just when you think you have seen it all, you really haven't.... there were  some things in the show that will leave you head scratching, for sure .

We went to see the show by the forecourt of Caesar's Palace, inside what looks like a circus tent. The show is hosted by a master of ceremonies known as the Gazillionaire , he was assisted by a little lady who was dressed like a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz. Together they delivered a load of $1.99 dirty humor, mixed with an occasional racial slurr ( or two or three.... Or maybe more)

My favorite part of the show was watching a girl tap dance inside a bubble, to the Doris Day song  " I want to be happy" .
 The Doris Day music was the only wholesome part of the show. I had no idea that the girl inside the bubble was in fact Angel Porrino. Roxi used to watch her on the show Holly's World.


We were most highly bewildered by a rollerskating act by the skating Aratas.
The show also had an amazing high wire act with actor an stuntman Almas Meirmanov. It took some time to absorb this show, it was an amazing one to watch, but the acts were so death defying that I was rendered almost speechless.  The hazardous stunts were entertaining and answered some questions of " Can it be done? " ..... But it leaves one thinking " should it be done, despite the danger?" I'm not sure I have an opinion on that, but I will definitively see Absinthe again during my next trip back to Sin City.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

12 Story building will replace Dance Factory

It has been the talk among the Arlington dance community for the last year , a 12 story apartment building will replace the old bank and Dance Factory building across the street from Virginia Square metro.

The building will be named Latitude Apartments. The old buildings are closing and will be razed for new construction.
This is a picture of how the complex will appear on Fairfax Drive.

Construction required a change in zoning from commercial to commercial hotel and residential, an article about this recently in the Washington Post

Just recently I received an invitation to the farewell party that will be held at the dance factory in mid December. The Factory has been one of the longest continually operating dance studios in the metro DC area. Many of us share many happy memories there . 

Construction of this apartment and office building will mean the end of an era for the Arlington dance community, but the Arlington dance scene will stay very much alive.

Social Dances will continue at the Veterans Dance Hall at 3445 Washington Blvd. For the last year, several dances have been held in this location with all the proceeds going to charitable causes. The next social dance will be held on Friday, December 27, in the Veterans Dance Hall from 8:30 PM until 11 PM. Proceeds from this dance  will go to benefit the Arlington American legion. Several local dance professionals have committed their support to this new chapter within the Arlington dance community. Details for continued classes and socials are TBA.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Ohio Star Ball 2013

2013 Ohio Star Ball, held at the Hyatt Regency in Comumbus.

This year we flew in on a Monday. My suitcase was falling apart as I packed for the airport, so I hastily repaired it with Duct Tape and stickers that I found at Hollywood Dancesport. In this picture, you can also spot my soulvenier sticker that I picked up at the Twin Cities Dancesport Competition in June. 
While in the Airport, we made a final screen capture of the DSS leaderboard before we departed for Ohio. It has been and incredible year!

Sophia made the Top 10 on the World Pro/Am Dancesport Series Leaderboard, finishing out a spectacular year in 9th position.
Sophia and Juidth Simon, Juidth is the nation's Top Ranking DSS student for 2013.

Upon check in we walked by the newly renovated Big Bar at the Hyatt Regency Comumbus, where many dancers congregate after their competitive sessions.

On Tuesday we danced out Rhythm Day. Sophia placed 3rd in the World Dancesport Series Bronze Rhythm Final in the B Division. After dancing, we had a fun time hanging out with with Jeremy Gaitlin and Agnes.

On Wednesday, Sophia placed 5th in bronze smooth.

Taking a moment in front of the photo screen, with the OSB logo.

On Wednesday evening, we danced in the Best of the Best Challenge.
Sophia danced a Vienese Waltz and received 3rd place the the bronze line up.

Lauren Lapointe and Louis Bar danced a vintage Peobody routine. Lauren wore a vintage Great Gatsby style flapper dress and Louis dressed in costume as Charlie Chaplain.

On Thursday we spectated for the Dancesport Series Team match.

This year, many changes were made to the team match. In past years there were more teams, one to represent each of the 7 regions.
During the year, dancers participate in the DSS rounds to earn points to qualify for a DSS team. Sophia danced in 16 Dancesport Series Compeitions this year, in an effort to earn points for Region 2, the blue team. Last year, we were lucky enough to make the team. Despite earning even more points than her 2012 season, this year Sophia fell short of making the team.
Triangle Pennants hang in the Regency Ballroom, each representing the victorious team for each year of the DSS team match. The Washington Area, where we dance, is represented by Team Blue. I have been told that Team Blue has been a perennial loser and has never won a DSS team match, that is why there is no blue pennant hanging in the ballroom.
This year, team blue was eliminated completely, and the regions were combined into only 4 teams. The changes mean that less dancers can participate in the team match, making the competition to qualify much more difficult.

The team match was an exciting moment  during this years Ohio Star Ball and it was great fun to spectate. 
Sophia and I went down early to spectate and cheer for friends. Lauren Lapointe and Louis Bar, whom we frequently dance with, qualified for the Green Team for the Midwest

Edna  And Sinisa made team match this year, to represent the Orange East Coast Team.

On Friday, we met up with Peggy McClean and Andrew for dinner at Marsala's, an Italian resturant on High Street in Columbus.

After Dinner , we returned to Batille Hall to spectate for the Open Professional Rhythm Championships, to cheer for Amanda and Illya Resin.

Sophia had the opportunity to greet Sam Sadano in the hallway outside of Batille Hall. Was her happiest moment of the week.
He presented her with a best of the best challenge commemorative program
It was an honor to be part of the best of the best dancesport challenge 2013 grand finale

On Saturday, Sophia got an emergency phone call from home. Sophia flew home early on Saturday a morning.

In the evening I went to spectate the Open Professional Smooth with Marcy Garson, Lauren Lapointe, Louis bar, and Britney.

Sitting ringside with Marcy Garson was lots of fun.
I got to watch the top three students in the world Pro-Am dancesport series receive their top student awards. Lauren LaPoine was called up for third place, followed by Charlene Proctor for second place, followed by Judith Simon for first place.
Louis Bar received a top teacher award in the overall combined Top Teacher line up, and this was my first year winning A rising star placement.
Louis made the line up with David Alvarez.

Shortly after the awards ceremony, there was an announcement that was an error was made. Janice Stanton was called up to receive the third-place  award. It was an awkward moment, and  Lauren handled it very graciously. 

We All stayed  through the very end to watch the final awards.

Friday, November 8, 2013

DC Dancers appear in Dancebeat

Several DC dancers appear in this months edition of Dancebeat.

Dana Coppola winning Dancesport Series in the A Division at Washington Open

Sophia D'Angelo mentioned for her placement in the Open Schilarship at Capital.

Christa Mason winning the B Open Rhythm Scholarship at the Washigton Open.
Anna Boyd winning the Open Smooth Schilarship at the Washington Open. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Hollywood Dancesport 2013

The 2013 Hollywood Dancesport Chanpionships hosted by Michael Chapman, Jonathan Roberts and Mary Murphy,  we are so very thankful to them for hosting us during this spectacular event.

The event was held at the Hilton in Universal City.

This was our first year attending. Sophia and I were invited to attend the event by Jonathan Roberts. 
(Belinda Carlise with Jonthan Roberts DWTS season 8)

The ballroom at Hollywood Dancepsort was decorated in full regalia in themes of the Golden Age of Hollywood.
The ballroom wouldn't be complete without a red carpet and dazzling crystal chandeliers.

On our first day of dancing at Hollywood Dancepsort, Sophia got to catch up with her friend, Cindy Lindsey, of Ballroom Dance Clubs in Atlanta.
We also had time to snap a few photos on the Hollywood picture screen.
The flare of Hollywood could be seen everywhere, even on the admission tickets for entry into the balloom. Each ticket depicted a different movie star. 
Sophia had two wonderful days of dancing, placing first in over 8 championship multi dance rounds ( smooth and rhythm). She also placed 4th in Dancesport Series and made 4th position in the Top 20 overall student line up.
On Thursday evening we enjoyed the Hollywood Dancesport Halloween Party. Guests were encouraged to dress to Hollywood themes.

I didn't recognize Juztin Deehr when he spooked me in the hallway, before the party.

 Charlene Proctor appeared in  a Grease theme with her partner, Mikolaj.
Lauren Lapointe and Louis Bar wowed everyone with the most lavish costume pairing.
I was amazed by the number of people dressed as super heroes.
The gang from Ballroom Dance Clubs of Atlanta also appeared in a 50's Grease theme. Seen here with Piere Bush and Cindy Lindsey.

The funniest moment off the night was watching Michael Chapman, Jonathan Roberts, and Mary Murphy recreated the triplets number from the MGM classic movie, Band Wagon. Their version was a bit more modern and updated, done as a cha cha to blurred lines. Wish I had a photo of that!
Following the Smooth Day, Sophia and I spent the morning at the Santa Monica Pier.
It was a time to relax and have a rest day on the beach.

I got to learn all about the la Monica Ballroom, a famous dance landmark that once stood on the pier.
Billed as the largest ballroom in the world when it opened in 1924.
The Santa Monica Pier is where they first filmed the Lawrence Welk Show.

The following day I asked my friend, Pam Dubois, to help me find the Andrews Sisters Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, she also gave me directions to the Chinese Theater.
Pam is the daughter of the late Patty Andrews. My first dance teacher, Bob Barber, worked worked with Patty on several films, including Private Buckaroo.
The nex day, Sophia and I attended the awards ceremony and Show of Stars with friends Louis Bar and Lauren Lapointe.
The ballroom was packed during the final Latin rounds. Lauren and Louis danced over 500 entries. 

The next morning, Mary Murphy and Jobathan Roberts organized a Hollowood Dancesport VIP tour. We attended the tour with a group of 16, including Shelia Davis and her new partner,  Ivan Mulyavka, along with Lauren and Louis.
The group gathered for a fabulous brunch at the Beverley Hills Hotel.
Later in the evening, we met for dinner and dancing on the historic RMS Queen Mary.
Lauren Lapointe captured this photo of Mary Murphy in one if the ships historic phone booths.
Hanging on the deck if the Queen Mary, is a very large photo portrait of Fred Astaire.
It's hard to include all the photos from our time spent in Hollywood, but the story wouldn't be complete without this one, taken in front of the Chinese Theater. Here's to returning next year.