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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Las Vegas Holiday Dance Classic

Hosted by Mary Murphy Sam Sadano and Wendy Johnson, at the Tropicana in Las Vegas.
On our first night in Las Vegas, Sophia and I watched the movie Meet Me in Las Vegas, starting Cyd Charisse.
Dance competition went well, this was
her third year attending.

Sophia placed first in the  best of the best bronze nine dance .  Awards were presented by Michael Chatman, organizer  of Mellennium dancesport and co-organizer Hollywood Dancesport .

To celebrate Sophia's win in the best of the best we had dinner with the beautiful
Natasha Issacs and her partner, Gregory day. Natasha was the winner of the silver best of the best nine dance and her division. During this year's holiday classic we are also introduced to the newest member of Chicago dance team, Diana Lasicka

On Friday we went to see Absinthe, the ultimate Vegas Variety Show .
It was such an unusual experience that I was literally left speechless. Just when you think you have seen it all, you really haven't.... there were  some things in the show that will leave you head scratching, for sure .

We went to see the show by the forecourt of Caesar's Palace, inside what looks like a circus tent. The show is hosted by a master of ceremonies known as the Gazillionaire , he was assisted by a little lady who was dressed like a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz. Together they delivered a load of $1.99 dirty humor, mixed with an occasional racial slurr ( or two or three.... Or maybe more)

My favorite part of the show was watching a girl tap dance inside a bubble, to the Doris Day song  " I want to be happy" .
 The Doris Day music was the only wholesome part of the show. I had no idea that the girl inside the bubble was in fact Angel Porrino. Roxi used to watch her on the show Holly's World.


We were most highly bewildered by a rollerskating act by the skating Aratas.
The show also had an amazing high wire act with actor an stuntman Almas Meirmanov. It took some time to absorb this show, it was an amazing one to watch, but the acts were so death defying that I was rendered almost speechless.  The hazardous stunts were entertaining and answered some questions of " Can it be done? " ..... But it leaves one thinking " should it be done, despite the danger?" I'm not sure I have an opinion on that, but I will definitively see Absinthe again during my next trip back to Sin City.

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