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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Naylor Theater

This week I took a walk down Alabama Avenue in my neighborhood to discover that nearly every building between 27th Street and Naylor Road SE had been demolished, including the historic Naylor Theater. Many people in the neighborhood have been upset by this project, which leveled so many buildings that it looks like a bomb was dropped. 

With 990 seats, the Naylor Theater on Alabama Avenue was DC's largest theater east of river. The historically black theater, rich with history, was built by K-B Theaters and was known for luxury. 

The theater, and all the surrounding buildings on Alabama Avenue, were recently demolsihed to make way for construction of a Walmart. It is a tragic loss for the neighborhood that I live in here in DC.

The Art Deco Waffle Shop

We're in time when many Art Deco buildings are threatened by a boom in urban development. The latest victim was the Art Deco Waffle Shop by Fords Theater. To be replaced by yet another uninspired glass condominium.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Charles Augins in 1976


My friend Mr. Charles Augins, pictured right, shared this amazing video with me yesterday at Mr. Henry's . It's such an honor to know him, and to see some of the amazing works he's done.