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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Smithsonian Movie party w/ TCM's Robert Osbourne

On Wednesday, March 19th, we visited the Smithsonian's National Portait Gallery for a special screening of Flying Down To Rio, hosted by TCM's very own, Robert Osbourne.

Sophia D'Angelo, Anne-Marie Lund, and Susan Starnes joined me for this event, which began with a wine and cheese reception at NPG.

During the reception I had the pleasure of meeting memebers from the Richmond Art Deco Society.

Robert Osbourne did a meet and greet with all of us, followed by a trivia filled Q & A before the film began. Robert was joined by the  Smithsonain Curator of the Exhibit, Dancing The Dream.

During the Q&A, Robert Osbounre gave us the full story of his journey and career in film history, along with many insights to TCM programming.

This movie was the first on screen pairing of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Debbie Reynolds Concert 2014!

This year I flew out from DC to see Debbie Reynolds perform in Chandler Arizona .

At 82, she is still going strong and was fabulous. Her show was integrated with memorable film clips from her MGM studio days. The show was filled with music, and reflections on her life in 60+ years of show biz. Debbie was accompanied by a marvelous drummer and piano player, you could tell that her accompaniment had a strong bond with her after many years of performing together.

It goes with out saying thy her costumes were fabulous, and toward the show's end, she was joined on stage by her daughter, Carrie, with her new puppy dog in tow.