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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vegas Holiday Dance Classic 2012

I just returned from a fabulous trip to Las Vegas with Miss Alice Williams an Danielle Roeber. This year Miss Alice placed 5th in the Senior 2 Rhythm Division and Danielle made her first callbacks on bronze freestyles. We had a wonderful time at the Tropicana Hotel, along with lunch in the Paris Eifel tower. We had time for a a limo tour of the Vegas strip, and we got to see Frank Morino's Divas Show.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Fair Lady At Arena Stage

Following our road trip for Thanksgiving, DC Ballroom hosted a Dancers Night Out at Arena Stage! Over 30 dancers attended the show, from 3 local participating studios. It was by far, the most splendid production I have ever seen at Arena Stage, which included a elegant Viennese Waltz scene and fabulous costumes.

Visiting the Providence Biltmore

For Thanksgiving weekend, Dmitri and I took a road trip to Providence Rhode Island, do I could meet my family for Thanksgiving. We stayed at the Historic Providence Biltmore, which now feels like a home away from home. It's become a Thanksgiving tradition to stay there each year.

2012 Ohio Star Ball

In November, Sophia and I danced in the Ohio Star Ball. Sophia placed 5th in the World Pro Am Bronze Rhythm Final and also made the semi final round in her smooth division.

On our first day in Ohio, we had dinner with Natasha Isacs and Gregory Day. There wasn't a lot of free time in our schedule, but it was great to see old friends, and having just a little time to make new ones.

Between dancing, Sophia got to spend several hours in the vending room for dress shopping with friends Christjohn Batters and Mona Maers. Christjohn has a special talent for spotting dresses that are in need of adoption/ loving owners. The Emil Booth became a campsite as we spent a great many (enjoyable) hours of plying dress up with Sophia and Mona.

Zelda arrived towards the end of our Ohio week with our dear friend, Anna Kabul. This girls arrived strictly for dress shopping and spectating. We had a wonderful week and we were all left very thankfully to Sam Sadano, who took time to meet and greet with us during our stay.