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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ballroom Music Radio Ap

Shortly after our last American Legion fund raiser dance, somebody broke into my car, shattering the passenger side window, and stole my lap top, music, and speakers. While I haven't had time or money to replace my sound system and playing device, a friend suggested to me that I download the iPhone Ap, Ballroom Music Radio. It only required a $2 one time purchase fee and now I have access to unlimited dance tempo and party music. The Ap streams radio stations, some of the channels cycle trough strict tempo music, while other channels focus on novelty dance music, like a Big Band station for Lindy Hop. There are also several channels available for Salsa, Bachata, and Bolero. The channels seem to change occasionally. The music is random, so you never know what you are going to get. With that said its not nearly as useful as Ballroom Beats, but it's surely more cost effective.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yankee Classic 2013

In June, Sophia and I attended the Yankee Classic in Cambridge, Mass. The competition was held at the Cambridge Marriott near Harvard University.

Sophia had a great day of dancing in the rhythm and smooth freestyles, and placed first in her rhythm scholarship.

  During this event saw the largest bronze formation ever assembled, featuring girls in pink polka dot poodle skirts, dancing with a gang of milk men, dressed in white uniforms and garrison caps. There could have easily been over a hundred people, dancing to Christine  Aguelra's " Candy Man".

Sam Sadano visits Avant Garde

While this spring was my busiest season ever in the dance business, there were several training days between events for practice and lessons at our local dance studios. It was by random chance when we were practicing this spring, to catch Sam Sadano visiting Nick Short and Pinky Puno, at Avant Garde Dance Studio in Rockville, Maryland.

People's Choice Dancesport 2013

During May I traveled with Lauren Garrett to Scottsdale Arizona for the People's Choice, hosted by Forrest Vance.
Accommodations at the People's Choice were top notch, with a fabulous view from the hotel overlooking the resorts golf course. The weather was mild, allowing the hotel to keep its doors open in the lobby, opening up to the outdoor pavilion.
I must admit that I was a little freaked out by the snakes that were on display in the lobby. The hotel kept live snakes on display, encased in glass.
Dancing at People's Choice was very enjoyable. It is always a pleasure to travel with Ms. Garrett, We danced in several divisions, in smooth, rhythm, and the country western /novelty dances. There was also a camera crew on hand from Ryan Seacrest productions who were busy at work filming a reality TV series.
After dancing in our freestyle divisions, Ms. Garrett and I attended the formal dinner session hosted by Forrest Vance. We also had the pleasure of being seated at his VIP table with Sharee Hannah. The dinner was the highlight of our wonderful stay in Scottsdale. I hope to return again next year.

Before going home, I managed to sneak in some time at the hotel swimming pool. Weather was a cool 105 degrees, but it was the perfect end to a fabulous stay.