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Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Dew Drop Inn: Vinyl Record Swing Dancing

On May 7, the Dew Drop Inn hosted a vinyl 1950s record party, with DJ baby Alcatraz. Swing dancers were in attendance at the scenic location, the bar is situated by the old railroad tracks, in what used to be in some type of stationhouse.

I don't know a lot about the Dew Drop Inn, but it appears to be retro in style, in an old building that was repurposed. It was definitely a dive bar, with lots of throwbacks. The #DewDropInn  has an authentic 1950s rock 'n' roll jukebox, which has been refitted for CD playing. The music at the record party was phenomenal, I never heard of baby Alcatraz before. 
This dive bar, filled with a lot of hipster millennial's, was the last place I would expect to find 1950s music and swing dancing! Even though I felt older among this crowd, I had a fantastic time.

The Running of the Chihuahuas, fifth annual event at the wharf in DC.

Proud of my little man for his first ever Cinco de Mayo running of the Chihuahuas. The event raised money for doggie rescue organizations. If you would like to see videos from the event, you can visit Aggie's  Facebook page.

The event was held at the Southwest waterfront in DC. Admisison was free, and numerous dogs of all shapes and sizes were in attendance. This year, there were 96 chihuahuas entered in the races.

Aggie was too fat to run last year. He weighed 34 pounds when he was surrendered to a rescue organization. Since his adoption day, he's lost almost a third of his bodyweight. He still has quite a way to go, but this race was symbolic for his recovery from neglect.

Thank you Monica Alford, managing editor of on tap magazine, for a fabulous fifth annual running of the Chihuahuas! Congratulations to Agador Spartacus, who almost made it to the finish line! #CincoDC #OnTap #RunningOfTheChihuahuas

Sunday, May 1, 2016

May is historic preservation month #ThisPlaceMatters

The month of May is historic preservation month. The National Trust for Historic preservation is asking everyone to promote a place that is special to them. They're asking people to spread the word: #ThisPlaceMatters


The Strauss Ball 2016

To wrap up April, I attended the 33rd annual Strauss Ball at Glen Echo Park. This formal event is always fun, it is unique compared to the other dances held at the park.
I attended this dance with Erica, who I haven't seen since the Ohio star ball November. We have been both dancing much less this year, while recovering from different injuries. This event features historically accurate dance cards. Personally, I do not use dance cards, in addition I no longer  dance the Viennese waltz as a social dance. Despite my aversion to them, it was nice to see so many dancers enjoying the tradition. The carousel was open for the special occasion. It was nice being able to ride the carousel. Tickets cost only $1.25!
One thing I have never noticed before, are the music rolls for the military and pipe organ, I don't recall ever seeing this on display before.

The Max Weinberg Orchestra

After my recent visit to the Rainbow Room in New York City, I am disappointed to admit that I never got to see the Max Weinberg Orchestra play last summer. The band was featured on Max Mondays through out last summer. Max is well known for being featured on the late night show with Conan O'Brien. 

DCLX 2016

In April I attended DCLX. It was the 15th anniversary, and it was celebrated with 15 bands.
It was nice to catch up with fellow Lindy hop dancers, some that I haven't seen in several years.
The main event at Glen Echo Park, it was held in the Spanish ballroom. It was nice to see Sarah Brown, who I haven't danced with since the Maryland Dancesport championships in 2009.