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Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Strauss Ball 2016

To wrap up April, I attended the 33rd annual Strauss Ball at Glen Echo Park. This formal event is always fun, it is unique compared to the other dances held at the park.
I attended this dance with Erica, who I haven't seen since the Ohio star ball November. We have been both dancing much less this year, while recovering from different injuries. This event features historically accurate dance cards. Personally, I do not use dance cards, in addition I no longer  dance the Viennese waltz as a social dance. Despite my aversion to them, it was nice to see so many dancers enjoying the tradition. The carousel was open for the special occasion. It was nice being able to ride the carousel. Tickets cost only $1.25!
One thing I have never noticed before, are the music rolls for the military and pipe organ, I don't recall ever seeing this on display before.

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