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Thursday, January 30, 2014

2014 Maryland Dancesport Championships

Organized by Glennis Dee, Andrea Ringold & Blake Kish at the BWI Marriott in Baltimore.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nashville Starz 2014

In January we attended David Hamilton's famous Nashville Starz Dancesport Competition. The event was held in the Renasiance Hotel in Nashville.

Sophia received 1st place awards in both the Silver Rhythm and Smooth Scholarships. Some of the Scholarships were sponsored by Dore.

Upon arrival at the hotel, we were greeted by David Hamilton. His little dog, Elvis, was notably absent this year, as the hotel was not pet friendly :(

At the entrance to the ballroom lobby, David and his partner had several of their famous model trains on display. They were still in boxes when we arrived during set up.

The event was full of friendly people and surprises. 

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There were also a few comical moments during our silver scholarship final.

Sophia D'Angelo with Ashley Mayer.

Country Western Theme Night included multi dance rounds in Texas Two Step and Country Polka

Lauren Lapointe and Lous Bar got into the Country Western theme, and they were the only couple brave enough to enter the country shuffle.

We spent the rhythm day with our friends Melbin, Leslie, and Linda Susserman.

Sophia wanted to take Melbin home with her.

During the Country Western Division we did an impromptu parter swap with Lauren and Louis. A confused camera man caught part of this dance on film. Sophia seen here dancing with Champion Dancer, Louis Bar. I wish that Lauren and I had been captured on film, too.

Linda Doyle was kind enough to style Sophia's hair in pig tails for the country western theme. This caused MC Mark Brock to announce Sophia as " Miss Pig Tails"

Mark & Sophia had a rare chance to dance after the awards ceremony. I was amused to watch Sophia dancing the rumba in street shoes.

On Saturday evening we had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville. We were seated at a table next to Cyndi Laupers famous puzzle piece  junpsuit from the 1980's.

During the Saturday evening awards presentation, Sophia Received 5th position in the Dancesport Series line up. She also received 4th Position in the Dancers Cup Nation Wide Curcuit Tour.

Our friend Lauren Lapointe received 1st place in the DCT. It was a very emotional, heartfelt ceremony. Lauren is the only dancer (ever) to perform at all 10 competitions in the tour.

It was an honor to be part of the DCT awards ceremony and I am aslo very proud of Sophia for taking 4th position. We credit Lauren who brought the awards placement to our attention. Originally, we had thought to have packed in 8th position, and receiving 4th place was an unexpected surprise. 

Louis Bar received the Top teacher award for the Dancer's Cup Tour. Lauren flew his children out ( as a special surprise ) to attend the awards ceremony.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Snowball Dancesport Competition 2014

In January our studio returned to Minnesota for the Snowball. This was our third year attending. The event is hosted by Donna Edelstein at the Minneapolis Hilton by the Mall of America. I attended this event with Rebecca Gentry, and our students, Michale & Judith Albarelli. The Snowball is one of the most unique events in the dance circuit, with great attention given to detail and hospitality. This year the ballroom had opulent white walls & was illuminated with lights in silvery blue. The event was a cozy esape the record cold weather we experienced a week earlier. The Snowball is a great place  to celebrate dance, in a way so in tune with the season.

Upon arrival at the hotel, we were treated with a fabulous ice and snow globe display outside the hotel. The globes were created by ice molds, and illuminated the entire front of the hotel.

This year the event moved to a more convenient location, just a short can ride from the airport, located directly across the Mall of America. Our group spent our first day exploring the mall.

Judy Albarelli wanted to ride every roller coaster in the mall! We had to remind her to save some energy for dancing the next day :)

My favorite part of our mall trip was our adenture in the Lego Store.

We had two fabulous days of dancing. Judith Albarelli received the Top Newcomer Award and 5th position in the Danxesport Series line up. Michael Albarelli place 6th in the Dancesport Series lineup.
During the Subday evening session, we had a great time in cheering for Gordan and Kate Brat.

The open professional smooth rounds were so good, they were more entertaining than the professional show.

We had a fabulous time at the SnowBall & hope to return next year.