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Sunday, October 30, 2011

An OZ Halloween

This weekend the Studio celebrated Halloween with it's annual costume ball. We certainly made improvements over last year, with a record number of people attending in costume. Here we can be seen in our Halloween best, as The Scarecrow and the lion.
Chimi made such a great Lion!

 I think the success of this weekend's party was the shot in the arm that the studio desperately needed.

Life is worth celebrating!
"let's do it with dancing!"

I think our goal for this Halloween weekend, was to restore some excitement to the studio. We've been planning it for weeks, to create something for people to be excited about. My dear friend, and former professional dance partner, Shaelyn Jae, was coming into town this weekend. Together we planned with  Chimi to make this Halloween Weekend incredible. We decided to do a Wizard of Oz theme this year
Shea came into town on Thursday evening, and we started decorating the studio at 6pm, and the effort continued until 7am the next morning. I don't think the studio has ever looked this spooky and elegant in recent memory.

 We really tried to pull out all the stops

Togther we held a terrific party this weekend with over 11 professional dancers attending, and over 85 dancers participating in the event. The studio felt like is had awoken from a dreary slumber and was once more filled with life again!

Probably my biggest highlight of the weekend was our surprise visit by Terry Chasteen, who dropped by at the party for a demo of Michael Jackson's Thriller routine
:Dance Factory Halloween Ball Thriller demo

Talk about role model's with postive energy. Nearly everyone involved with this weekend's party put in volunteer hours to make it possible. In total, we accumulated 60 hours of volunteer work between 11 professional dance instructors to pull this weekend's party off.

 Here are a few more photos of our fantasic Halloween weekend:)

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  1. Mike and Roxi, YOU ROCK! Halloween parties are tricky and that was one of the BEST Halloween Parties, ever, in my 63+ years on this planet (give or take 9 months)! And your music is ALWAYS some of the greatest. I think you should also begin to DJ, Mike. As a dancer, you already know what makes good dance music; something too many non-dancing DJ's don't get.

    My only regret is that I had an earlier gig to teach in DC and missed a lot of it, but nonetheless better late than never. Next year we will do 'Michael Jackson's Thriller' workshops for a month or more beforehand (...maybe we should start NOW! We might perfect the complete long routine just in time for Halloween, 2012!) and have this thing down to a science. Can you imagine the hits that Dance Factory will have on YouTube?!

    Congrats, Mike, Roxi and all of the Dance Factory staff and students alike for a JOB WELL DONE!!
    ~ Terry Chasteen - (zomie - emerging from my crypt after 40,000 years to attend your party!)

    "And though you fight to stay alive
    Your body starts to shiver...
    For no mere mortal can resist
    The Evil of...
    The 'Thriller'…

    'Cause this is thriller ... thriller night
    And no one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike
    You know it's thriller Ooo Ooo thriller night
    You're fighting for your life inside a killer
    Thriller to-niiight ...