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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Comical visit to the Rainforest Cafe

It was our last day in Florida after USDC. All the girls had left us, so Dmitri and I decided to have lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. The place is filled with robotic animals, mist and fog machines, vines, fish tanks, and screaming children...what's not to love aout it? Dmitri and I first stopped in the photo booth for a quick picture.

Roxi avoids this place like the plague, and under normal circumstances, she forbids me from entering the Rainforest Cafe... Since she left USDC early, it was the perfect time to go. Here is Dmitri outside while we were waiting for a table. He was acting a bit childish and I kept waiting for the hostess to reprimand him, but was not surprised when she started flirting with him instead.

Even though we had advance reservations, we had a long wait for our table. Luckliy we had plenty to do in the lobby area and gift shop. Here's Dmitri with the snake.
When we were called for our table, we were met by our Safari Guide.
Roxi would have been horrified, as we took the full tour. Also, I find that when I'm not with  Roxi, people make the assumption the Dmitri is my Russian Twink BF. Obviously, I dont care about what people think, but it would be nice if they thought I had better taste. Downtown Disney is a judegment free zone, or at least it should be.. We were there to have fun, and sadly everyone thought I was on Russian date night.
After Diner we hung out by the Downtown Disney Stage and watched the
 Michael Jackson Line Dance Show!
Followed by desert at T-Rex...which may be even cooler than the Rainforest Cafe...I'm definaitely tasking Roxi here next year. The place is filled with Dinosoaurs and volcanic eruptions go off every 20 minutes.
The perfect way to end our adventure at USDC

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