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Monday, October 7, 2013

2013 Miss Adams Morgan Pageant

After 9 years of trying to obtain tickets, I finally had the privilege of attending this Year's Miss Adams Morgan Pageant with Terry Chasteen, Sophia D' Angelo and Laura D'Angelo.
Tickets are nearly impossible to get. Terry Chasteen was gracious enough to invite us this year, with Dancesport DuPont. He arranged for us to get tickets with Miss Bambi, and we are very grateful to her for  organizing our tables.

The event was held at the Washington Hilton, I've been told it was the hotel where Reagan was shot.

We arrived early during set up, the ballroom was much bigger than I expected.

Here we see Sophia as she orders a club soda during cocktail hour, she is literally dwarfed by the woman next to her, in high heeled platform boots.

 During  cocktail hour, Sophia and her sister, Laura, took time for pictures in the Hilton Lobby.

The highlight of the evening was a featured performance by Miss Peaches, with an ensemble cast. 

For the last several weeks, Peaches has had been rehearsing at Dancesport DuPont, under the direction of Barbara Kurzeja. The entire team was inspiring and a pleasure to have in the studio.

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