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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Charles Epting visits Mr. Henry's

This afternoon I was delighted to have lunch with Charles Epting. He is the editor of Silent Film quarterly, the only print magazine dedicated to silent film. This week Charles is in DC to conduct research at the Library of Congress. He is visiting the library for research on Bebe Daniels. 

With Mr. Henry's being located across the street from the library, it was only natural for Charles to join us for lunch today. In honor of his arrival, one of our regular customers donated a Henry Clive rendition of Bebe Daniels for display in the dining room.
During his visit, we asked Charles for help in identifying some of the artwork on the walls. Mr. Henry collected variety of pieces for display in the pub. 
The wall of artwork has not changed in years, yet following Henry's death, many items are left unidentified. The wall displays a variety of burlesque artwork. Many prints of silent film stars also appear on the wall.

We just recently identified this print as "The Mystery of Egypt", also by Henry Clive. The woman who appears in the print is still unknown to us.

We were seated for lunch under the photos of Julian Eltinge.

It was great to hear about the latest news with Silent Film Quarterly, and how this film community overlaps with the world of vintage dance enthusiasts

Before leaving, Charles also took time to pose for this photo as a tribute to Alicia Mayer, host of the Hollywood Time Machine with Will Mckinely.

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