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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

New Vigilant Gin & Tender is the Night 

I am currently reading #TenderIsTheNight, a book by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I picked the book up at my favorite used bookstore, Capitol Hill books, a place that may oddly remind one of the wand shop in the Harry Potter movies. Reading this book coincides with watching my favorite movie, #MidnightInParis . It's a coincidence thatreading also coincides with the debut of the new Amazon mini series #ZTheBeginningOfEverything  Now six episodes into the miniseries, I am finding it difficult to read the book. F. Scott Fitzgerald is characterized in such a negative light, that it's now difficult to find the book enjoyable. I guess I've been ignorant all these years,  but these aspects of the Fitzgeralds life were never mentioned by my high school or college literature teachers. F. Scott Fitzgerald's alcoholism, particularly his gin drinking,  is featured throughout the series. It's hard to imagine that later in life, he tried to wean off of gin by drinking beer.  I have listened to a lot to talk about gin this week. On the subject of gin, The District of Columbia now has its own gin distributor.  We are now serving Vigilant Gin at Mr. Henry's. I am ashamed admit that I haven't tried it yet. I am not a big drinker, and I've stayed away from alcohol for the most part of winter... At some point I need to try it, since we often make suggestions to the customers at the pub. The gin has a good reputation, and an interesting backstory behind the family ownership of the brewing/distillery.

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