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Friday, August 10, 2012

April 2012 The Wisconsin State Dancesport Championships

The Wisconsin State Dancesport Championships

In April we were joined by Sophia D' Angelo and Bill Zeisel to attend the Wisconsin State Dancesport Championships. The Event was held at the historic Pfister Hotel and was hosted by Dan and Rebecca Messenger. Over the years we have heard a lot about the Wisconsin State, but for all of us, this was our first time attending.

There are many reasons why this event stands out from all the rest, the first of them being its' location in the historic Pfister Hotel.
The Pfister Hotel was built in 1893 and is known for its luxurious accomodations. When this hotel claims to have round the clock, personal service, it's true. In the evening, you can set your shoes outside your door, and then wake up to discover them shined in the morning. The hotel is filled with many old fashioned touches.

The Pfister is also know for it's collection of Victorian Artwork. Some of the paintings looked as if you could jump right into them, as if taking a page from C.S. Lewis and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Upon arriving at the Pfsiter we were joined by Kirill Gorjatsev and Daria Zotova, the four of us had a wonderful time exploring the hotel and its maze of stairways and artwork.

The first night of the Wisconsin State began with a session for novelty dances, which included West Coast Swing, Merengue, Jitterbug,Night Club Two Step, Samba, and Polka. I'm not ashamed to admit that the polka is one of my favorite dances. It reminds me of my childhood when learning to dance at the German Hall in Pawtucket. It also brings back many happy memories of watching Bobby and Cissy dance on the Lawrence Welk Show.

Later in the week we danced smooth and rhythm:

This competition was very large, with severl  quarter final and smei-final heats. I think this was for Sophia, her first dive into the shark tank with heaving hitting competition. She danced splendidly and we all had a wonderful time.

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