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Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Proud Lion

The Proud Lion, that has long graced the entrance to our famous playhouse at #Mr.HenrysDC was taken down this week.

Receiving his namesake from former Universal Contract player, Rudi Apple, the  Proud Lion is said to have graced the entrance since the days of the 601 Club, when Patsy Cline and the Frontier Boys played in the 50's.

So many celebrities have passed under the Proud Lion on their way to the upstairs stage, from Roberta Flack to Liberace. This list of celebrities is too long to count.

Our boss, Mark Steele, had him removed on Friday, but fear not, the Proud Lion has been removed for historic preservation and will hopefully return soon!
Up close, he's in a sad state of decay, having a crack from his head to his nose. The last restoration of the Proud Lion took place in the 1970's, when a staff member from the Phillips Collection repainted him. 
Here's to hoping he'll return soon.

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