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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Donating Ballroom Dresses to Music Camp

Recently one of our older students passed away, and she left her ballroom dresses to My partner .Her daughter dropped the dresses of at the studio last week, along with her VHS library, containing the R. Geiger NADTA syllabus video.

We decided to donate the dresses to ECC, which holds a music and theater arts program every summer for teens. They'll give new life to the dresses as costumes and props for their theater program and talent shows. In ballroom terms the dresses are almost historical, documenting what was in style in the early 80's. I added to the lot by cleaning out the Dance Factory prop locker, added various top hats, a green bowler, a red bow tie, and my partner's Glinda dress that she wore for last year's Oz Halloween. But my favorite donation in this lot is the old green dress, which we nicknamed the "Maime Eisenhower "
This Green dress was nicknamed the "Maimie Eisenhower"

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