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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pat Traymore

The picture that everyone talks about.


  1. Around 1957 or 1958 I took dance lessons at the Arthur Murray New York dance studio. I was in the navy at the time and shipped out before I could complete the contract.

    Recently, I met another charming, talented and beautiful woman from Persia, Niloufar Talebi, and was telling her about my Persian dance instructor. The name of my dance instructor came to me. It was Pat Traymore. Much to my surprise her name quickly came up with a Google search. I must have been one of her first students.

    While I never went on to learn to dance very well, she was very influential in my life and obviously memorable. I would love to exchange correspondence with her. Dave Schonke - tog321@gmail.com

  2. I - Joe Laval - knew Pat Traymore when with Arthur Murray
    Fifth Avenue 1951 to 1957 when I went to Australia to
    manage Sydney & Parramatta (NSW) studios.Have never forgotten dancing with her and sharing TV Arthur Murray Parties. Wish I could tell her I am alive and well.