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Saturday, September 7, 2013

USDC 2013

Each year, the United States Dance Championships returns to Florida to host the biggest dance stars in our industry. Some say that it is the most prestigious competition of its kind on American soil. The site of the ballroom is always very impressive.
The 2013 USDC started on Monday, September 2nd. We arrived with friends and fellow competitors a few days early at the Walt Disney World Swan hotel, located in Lake Buena Vista.

When we arrived early to the competition on Saturday. We had the opportunity to view the enormous Swan Ballroom before the competitive dance floor was placed over the carpet. The lighting and stages set for the event were very impressive.

The United States Dance Championships is the only event recognized by the National Dance Council of America to have the official United States National Dance Championship titles.

The website for USDC is very helpful. Sophia was listed on this site for winning Top Bronze Student in 2012. We were never notified of her placement last year, so we departed before awards in 2012.

Since last years trip ended ealry, we decided to return this year to Orlando a bit early. I was hoping this year to enjoy more things Disney :)

I am not ashamed to admit that I had specific goals to accomplish during this event that were outside of dancing, like wearing mouse ears and having dinner at Disney's T-Rex.
For some reason, I am always unable complete my Disney "To do list", and I visit there almost once a year. I'm still no less excited by returning again an again, with the hopes of eating dinner at T-Rex, with its famous ice bar.

Maybe my Disney "to do list " was too long. This year we had a few more important things to do.

The most important celebration at USDC was be  Sophia's birthday! And she was about to turn $&@#!  

Our dance friends flew in from around the country to celebrate with Sophia before USDC began. We met up with our Atlanta  friends, Chrsitjohn Battters and Mona Maerz, from Ballroom Dance Clubs of Altanta. We arrived so early that the mannequins were still standing cold and naked in the ballroom lobby, and at the Jordy Booth, we arrived so early that there truly was " nothing" .

We met up with Christjohn and Mona for a fun day at Universal Studios.

It was a day to be young am have fun.

Our next day at the Swan was spent poolside. It was a relaxing day for dance  practice and spray tans.

Later, group had a chance to see JT Simon in the hallway. He's seen here holding a bucket of beer, courtesy of Dore?
 The following day the dancing began.

 It was tough keeping track of everything, even with a well marked program.

Sophia placed 4th in her Bronze Rhythm Schorahip. I am so proud that she placed as a finalist for this second year in a row.

We were all happy for Marcy who won yet another USDC title. It's hard to tell from  this picture, who is the bigger celebrity.

Sophia had just come off of doing 3 comps before USDC, and suffered a serious foot injury just before Capital Dancesport. That being said I was even more happy that she took 4th place and her bronze rhythm Schorahip, 5th in bronze smooth, and 3rd place in her bornze 9 Dance.

Between heats I had the time to snap this pic of Linda  and Melbin. 

Looking forward to returning next year.

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