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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Zelda Fitzgerald Artwork

Since watching the movie, Midnight in Paris, I've been even more intrigued by the life of Zelda Fitzgerald and the Daisy Buchanon character in Gatsby. Maybe she reminds me of someone. 

As the walls of my condo remain blank, I'm still shopping for something to hang in the house. Last weekend while in Rhode Island, I went shopping again for city  scapes at the antique mall.

On and off again, I've seen a few paintings that look very similar to the fascinating  artwork by Zelda Fitzgerald. I'm surprised she found time for it, if she was also trying to switch to a full time career in dancing at the time she painted them. 

They remind me of a city scape that was for sale at the Rhode Island antique mall. Sometimes you never know where old artwork comes from. Makes me wonder if other Zelda Fitzgerald paintings are floating out there in the universe, at near bargain prices.

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