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Saturday, June 28, 2014

2014 Millennium Dancesport Championships

We had a great time dancing at Millennium Dancesport in June. This year's theme was the Four Elements.
Sophia placed 2nd in her championship round and 4th in the Silver Scholarship.
The Ballroom was centerpieced with a digital display of the four elements.

We had a nice time catching up with Charlene Proctor, who had custom  made dresses prepared for each element theme of the event.

The ballroom charged color and theme each day. My favorite day was the water theme, with the room digitally lit in shades of blue.
Marcy Garson joined us on our flight from DC to Tampa. She had a lovely new rhythm dress by Jordy Chris Stephenson.
Sophia brought her dance bag with her, which she received at Hollywood Dancesport.
Edna and Sini arrived for the Fire Day for Latin 

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