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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Natalie Wood's Vendome Jewlery

During my last holiday season with Roxi, before she left, we went shopping at the Rhode Island Antique Mall. The Mall is a popular spot for Antique hunters. With Rhode Island being nicknamed the "Cheap Jewlery Capital of America", it's of no surprise that there were many vendors there with costume Jewlery booths.

One booth in particular belonged to the widow of a famous Jewlery designer, who was employed both by Vendome and Monet. 

In her booth she sold what she called prototypes of what her husband designed. She claimed that for each collection made for Natalie Wood, that Natalie would  receive a copy and the company would  also retain an original copy. I don't know if the woman's story was true, but it seemed very believable . Each piece of Jewelry that she had contained note that she said was made by her husband. She said that when her husband retired, the company allowed him to take several of his original copies.

Roxi seemed to fall in love with them, so I went back later to purchase a necklace for her in secret, and held onto to it until the holidays. We didn't spend the holidays together that year. She went home to her family, but when I gave it to her, she loved it ( or did a good job in pretending). I feel she really did love it, because she wore it so frequently. It was a beautiful piece and I ashamedly never kept of photo of it. It appeared similar to the one in this photo, of Natailie Would wearing yellow. 

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