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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Avant Garde Anniversary Ball

This years Avant-Garde anniversary ball was a fabulous fun filled event.

The event was hosted by the owners of Avant Garde, Nick, Slava and Pinky.
Pinky  was dressed in a beautiful Las Vegas themed outfit.

The studio is decorated with a Las Vegas theme. 

For some reason, there was also an inflatable zebra in the room

This year the studio hired a variety of entertainers to work the floor show for the anniversary gala.
I don't know what Type of entertainer this is. Sophia and Kiki couldn't figure him out either. 
It was nice to see Nick Short on the floor with all my students ! He danced with almost everyone !
The tables were set beautifully for dinner

The studio was filled with surprises. There were specially wrapped gifts for each and every table.
The evening concluded with a fabulous professional show  and also a special guest appearance by Destiny  B. Childs.

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