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Monday, August 26, 2013

Virginia State Dancesport Championships and Ballroom Blitz on TLC

In July, Sophia and I attended the Virginia State Dancesport Championships.

We attended this event with the hopes of winning the Best of the Best Closed Hold Dance Challenge, but the division was canceled :(

We still had a great time at this event, which was held at the Hyatt Regency in Reston, VA. 

Between heats, we had time for dress shopping at the Julie Wilson's  Encore Booth.

There are always a lot of unexpected finds at Julie Wilson's booth.

When buying a dress from Encore, there's always the question " who wore it first ? ", which may lead some snarky girls ( I do know a few) to ask " Who wore it best?"  As long as you can get past those questions, the the Encore experience will always be a happy adventure. They have great deals, too. Sophia picked up a new smooth dress there during Virginia State at a bargain price.

Outside of dancing, we also watched with intrigue, as TLC filmed there new reality TV series during Virginia State.

The new show has the working title of Ballroom Blitz. This from the TLC website:

We also had a fun time spectating with our friends Lauren Lapointe  and Louis Bar at this event. We even got to join them for a token Peabody round, at their encouragement. 

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