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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Twin Cities Open 2013

In July, Sophia and I traveled to Minneapolis for the Twin Cities Open. The event was held in the Marriott City Center, in Downtown Minneapolis.  The event was hosted by Scott and Amy Anderson. This was our first year attending. This event was one of the most welcoming that we attended this year. The ballroom had a very colorful backdrop, depicting a Broadway Theme. Participants received homemade chocolate chip cookies.

During the weeks leading up to this event, Sophia was on extended travel in Europe. While she was away, I had had surgery scheduled, leaving us unable to practice during the month of June. This was our first time back on the dance floor, after almost a month without practice. We had a lot of fun dancing at this event, and even more fun as spectators. Even though we have been (unknowingly) participating in the Dancers Cup Tour for several years now, we didn't really know how it worked until we arrived at Twin Cities. It was interesting to watch the progress of this event, to see how the results played into the DCT. I missed seeing Charlene Proctor at this event, she was noticeably absent from Twin Cities and missed by many. 

We're both very thankful to Scott and Amy Anderson for hosting us.

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