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Saturday, July 2, 2011

August Family Weekend 2009

Aug 18, 2009

August Family Weekend

Roxi nd I recently drove to Rhode Island to visit the family for an emergency visit. It's been tough to make time for family this year, so we both had to drop what we've been doing here in DC, to make time for family. We wrapped up our family time with a fun visit to Slater Park's Loof Carousel, located in my home town of Pawtucket, Rhode Island.During this visit I got to spend time with all 12 members of my generation, and Roxi has now had enough exposure to know all twelve of us by name! It helps that I'm the oldest, and from there she can go down the line to get aquainted. All the kids met for an afternoon in the Park. The Loof Carsouel was constructed in 1895, and moved to the park at the turn of the century. Summer rides on the Loof Carousel have been a family tradition for several generations.

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