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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Carolina Classic 2009

Nov 16, 2009

The Carolina Classic

Recently the studio traveled to Greensboro, North Carolina, to compete in the 2009 Carolina Classic. We had a great time, but boy, this was one of the most unusual events I have ever attended. Luckliy, the lack of organization proved to be absolutely hysterical and the whole gang had a fabulous time!!!!

I'll have more to write on this later, as the event was filmed for airing on the CW network later in January. Although the entire event was filimed for television, the highlight of the weekend was suppose to be the studio teams match. During the weeks that lead up to the event, the event organizer, Ms. Patti Troy, informed our studio that the studio teams match would require costumes this year. Our studio decided on a 1970's theme, so off we went shopping for the most offensive 1970's theme clothing that we could find.... Roxi found a pink 1970's jumpsuit with fluffy pink ostrich featers, I wore blue bell bottum trousers and a green house style shirt with matching vest... I wish I had pictures :( but the event didn't allow flash photography and they didn't provide a photo service to purchase any pictures.. We had four team members, so rounding off the Dance Bethesda crew was Jon Woodruff and my good friend, Linda. Jon wore a 70's leisure suit and Linda dressed from head to toe in sparkley silver....

So imagine us if you well, a complete 1970's crew, all dressed in costuume, and apprearing in our proudly outrageous fashion for our first heat when we then noticed....


The judges and the MC must have thought we had gone crazy. I was terribly embarrased. Luckily I had Roxi, Linda, and Jon to calm me down. The schedule for the event had changed several times, and although we had made a timely costume change (as directed)....we stalled the heat, BECAUSE nobody else was in costume.

Long story short, the whole GIG was filmed for television. We danced the formal teams match in full costume, completely done up like a gang of clowns (we danced that way, too). In a later segment of the event the film crew completed a separate comedy segment which ran two hours in total. We endured  two continous hours of stop and go dancing under full televsion lights. We were all dehydrated and sweaty by the time it was over (remember, we were wearing layers of polyester which doesn't breath very well).

To top off what had already been a very humbling afternoon, the TV crew asked us to huddle at the end of their film segment, and sing "This Little Light of Mine". It was a bizarre request. I can't beleive that we agreed to it. I have no diea of what kind of TV segment they were filiming.

One thing that I forgot to mention, our team was disqualified from the team match during the comedy segment for same gender dancing. We thought that we wouold try to break every rule possible during the teams match, seeing that there wasn't any real motivation to take it seriously.  Roxi and I swapped partners with Linda and Jon several times, and at one point during the match, we rolled around on the floor, and threw in a few ariels and dirty shimmy steps. I wonder how much of this will air on the CW in Raleigh. We'll have some good blackmail material in there.

- mb

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