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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Pennsylvania Ballroom Scrimmage 2008

Nov 11, 2008

Pennsylvania Ballroom Scrimmage

Pennsylvania Ballroom Scrimmage
At the encouragement of Ron Bennett, we recently organized a group of Chevy Chase Ballroom dancers to attend the 2nd annual Pennsylvania Ballroom Scrimmage. The event was held in the historic Shriners Hall in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The event was hosted by Barbara Synder, owner of Ballroom on the Square, and co-organizer, Mandy Kuhn. The scrimmage was a one day event. Among our participants we had two new newcommers, Cathy and Francis O'Donovan, who recently completed training for their wedding dance at Chevy Chase Ballroom. Pictures of the event can be viewed on the DC Ballroom Yahoo group.

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